iOS Mobile Menu


Quickly navigate through the entire restaurant menu with build-in search engine under your fingertips. Rich graphic and detail description of each item are providing people with a unique pipeline to access your restaurants information wherever they are. Mobile apps are the best way to communicate with your latest menus, current promotions and more. Stay connected and give customers the experience they deserve with an easy to use.


Managing orders have never been easier when it comes to great touchscreen hardware and well design interface. Total price is calculated in realtime when orders are being modified. You can even access the item detail page by simply tapping on the item.


Previously, you must have had a hard time in making reservations. But now that is the thing of the past. Using the Restaurant Mobile Application you can make reservations for tables in one simple click. No more having to be noted in the waiting list. You can easily get listed in a matter of seconds.


Both owner and customer will receive an order confirmation email. Restaurant staff can simply tap on the link in the email to confirm and response to the customer.